• Homes and Businesses Built by Peters Enterprises

  • What Makes Peters Enterprises Different?

    • We try to be the best!
    • Free estimates!
    • We work with you to develop a budget for your project based on what you can afford and your preferences.
    • We set a time limit for completion of the project.
    • We get paid based on the agreed upon time limit. If we're not done by then, then we don't get paid any additional money with the following exceptions:
      1. If the time limit goes over based on client driven changes, then we are paid for any additional time.
      2. If the time limit overage is due to circumstances beyond anyone's control. For example, severe weather.
      3. The cost is based on actual building costs plus a fixed fee. No cheating, no lying. We will work together to stay on budget.
    • You are able to see where every penny is spent.
    • We will go over the options for each feature so that you can make an informed decision about each one.
    • No money up front.
  • Why Choose Peters Enterprises?

    • I have always done construction and have over 30 years of experience in all aspects of construction.
    • We design custom houses using computer design programs.
    • We design houses from the builder's perspective, making it more cost effective to build your house.
    • We include energy efficiency in our designs and look for ways that you may not be aware of that could further enhance the energy efficiency of your home.
      1. House orientation
      2. Sun angles
      3. Passive solar design is emphasized in order to decrease energy use.
      4. Energy efficient windows (double or triple pane)
      5. Decks, shade, and coverings.
      6. Cutting edge insulation products and windows.
      7. House wraps.
      8. Air exchange and air circulation.
    • And of course, let's not forget the great Colorado views!
  • Peters Enterprises in Trinidad, Colorado

    We specialize in medium to high end custom homes, along with some beautiful commercial buildings. We help people build their dream homes or offices for their business.We mainly do new construction but will also do remodels, decks and roofs.

    We have been in Trinidad for 8 years. In this time we have surrounded ourselves with the best subcontractors. We have all become friends and we all work together to get the project done as efficiently as possible and we all stand by our work.

    With myself and all my subs, it is a given that customer service and quality come first.

    Contact us today at 719-680-2101 or trinidadpeters at live dot com. We would love to help you make that dream home a reality!